Toby Marshall (left), and Sam Egerton

Have a look at The Blends of the World masterclass video

The Blends of the World Masterclass series will kick off its national tour next week. The first module for 2017 is hosted by Sam Egerton and Toby Marshall – the extremely forward thinking and talented duo behind the much hyped Sydney venue Charlie Parker’s.

Take a look at these new booze videos from WSET

We're always on the look out for new booze videos, and the folks at the Wine & Spirits Education Trust have begun a new series through their Facebook page looking at spirits. For their first video, t...

Live Lockout Debate: The Feed, SBS2 tonight

It’s an issue that is not going to go away any time soon, especially with Queensland's new lockout laws on the brink of rolling out. Tonight on SBS2 on The Feed at 7.30pm, 50 people will be locked in a pub f...

Watch badass James Bond order a Cosmo

You know James Bond is fond of a Martini or two (and you can get his specs in this story here), it's a high-octane drink worthy of someone with a licence to kill (steady hands, James). But in this Jimmy Ki...

How many bartenders does it take to make a drink?

Alissa Gabriel at the national Bacardi Legacy final in March How many Aussie bartenders does it take to make one drink? When it comes to this video for Alissa Gabriel's Bacardi Legacy drink, The Bouteill...