Bartender of the Year: the ones to watch in 2017

The Bartender of the Year sponsored by Bacardi & De Kuyper will be back in 2017, but if you're thinking about taking a crack, take a look at these faces — they're the ones you're going to need to beat.
Daniyel Jones

Drinks with… the globetrotting Daniyel Jones

We spoke to Daniyel Jones after his first stop in Perth on a nationwide tour of Australia introducing Amaro di Angostura to bartenders everywhere, and he told us about the experience of bringing amaro to the Italians, and just how important bartenders have been in spreading the love for their first entry into the amaro category.

Spiced by… Adversity: we speak to Igor Pachi

SPONSORED POST It’s the challenges we face, and the way we overcome them, that make character. When Don Facundo Bacardi Masso established BACARDÍ in 1862 he could not have foreseen the challenges his family ...