Here are three pisco cocktails for your Friday

We all love a sour, none more so than one made with Pisco. And today we have a couple more delicious pisco cocktails to sample this spring.

Lorenzo Focarile tells us that Canberra is not the sleepy town you might think it is

“The city is commonly and unfairly labelled as the place where politicians go to ruin the lives of Australians. Most people have memories of Canberra as a primary schooler completing the obligatory school trip to Parliament House. For a long time, Canberra was a pretty drab place, but it’s 2020 and things have changed a lot.” – Lorenzo Focarile

Artisan or Automated: Are we ready for scotch whisky at the push of a button?

“I know the spirits industry like so many industries will continue to search for ways to find efficiencies and rightly so, but I just hope this level of automation is not the future for the bigger single malt scotch whisky distilleries.” David Spanton talks automation in the scotch world.