Sven Almenning’s advice on how to find the right location for your bar

Finding the right location is arguably the single most important thing to consider when you are opening a new venue. The following musings are some of what I’ve learned along the way, as well as my thoughts on different types of locations and the benefits and drawbacks of each.

Here’s how to negotiate a better a deal from your bar’s suppliers

Managing costs is an important, if perhaps somewhat unglamorous, part of any business. And in the bar world one of our greatest costs is our cost of goods (COGS) and so negotiating the best possible deals you can get with your suppliers is paramount.

Sven Almenning on financial modelling and forecasting for your bar

Today, operator Sven Almenning continues his series on how to open a bar, with a look at financials, P&L sheets and forecasting. Below you can also download the Excel spreadsheet Almenning uses to run the numbers on their new bars, and check out the video as he walks you through the spreadsheet.