Month: February 2009

Sydney BarShow Conference

The Sydney BarShow Conference will be back again in 2009 with a full schedule of…


How did three lads from the UK come to open two of Bondi’s newest, and hottest, venues in the space of a year? Andy Ives speaks to Re:Love hotshots James Hudson, Mark Tarrant and Mark Bowey to find out.

Flak Jacket Not Required

If The Sydney Morning Herald, The Telegraph and the mainstream media in general are to be believed, a night out in Sydney is best experienced wearing a flak jacket and Kevlar helmet.

Australian Bartender of the Year 2009

The quest to find Australia’s top bartender is now under way! Bartender Magazine’s Bartender of the Year Competition is the most challenging bartending event in Australia. We test all facets of the bartending craft to ensure that our winner is worthy of the title.

World Class

World Class February 09 – July 09 Multiple Locations, Australia. Finals in London. Bartenders from…

Ice Ice Baby

A full transcript of the interview with Grant Collins which appears in the February issue of…