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Small Screen Network

Admittedly it has been a while between drinks since my last post, but I have finally got my act together in order to tell you all a little bit about one of‘s favourite sites; Small Screen Network. Small Screen Network is a media company that is focused on bringing high quality video and informative blogs on cocktails and drink culture.

The site has built upon the success of their first series The Cocktail Spirit with Robert Hess. The material is designed with bartenders, mixologists, brand managers and amateur cocktail aficionados in mind and covers cocktails, spirits and beer as well as drink making techniques and drinks related travel blogs.

The videos really are extremely high quality, but what is perhaps most impressive is that many of the clips have been “VideoClix” enabled. Of course, this sort of web jargon usually means nothing to me; most of the time it is referring to some sort of capability which just isn’t intuitive or useful to anyone who isn’t a savvy web programmer. VideoClix on the other hand is very user friendly; simply wave your mouse pointer over objects while the video is playing and you will find that they are tagged with a description. Click on that item and you can find out more information, fun facts or even make a purchase.


I suppose the best way to see how this all works is to view Small Screen Network’s latest episode: Raising the Bar with Jamie Boudreau:Shaking embedded below. Enjoy.

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