World Cocktail Week

World Cocktail Week is an initiative created by The Museum of the American Cocktail in 2006 to mark 200 years of the word ‘cocktail’. Since its launch, it has grown into a global celebration that brings the bar community together to raise a toast to our trade and profession

2009 will see the YAKUSAN team host a national event program, supported by SIGNÉ and their luxury portfolio with Havana Club Añejo 7YO, Tezon Añejo Chivas Regal Gold Signature 18YO and a sneak preview of Beefeater 24.

The event program kicks off with the Opening Party on the official day – May 6th in Sydney at Hugo’s Lounge, and then travels to Brisbane at Sky Lounge on May 11th, then Perth at Luxe Bar on May 12th, with the closing party in Melbourne at 1806 on May 13th. The closing event in Melbourne will also be the launch of a month long exhibition ‘Shaken not stirred: a Century in Design of Cocktail Shakers’, featuring Australia’s largest collection of vintage cocktail equipment, which promises to be incredible.

Each event will feature guest bartenders from the old hatters, to the up and coming integrating the industry mentoring programme The Craft. Guest bartenders will be SIGNÉs own cocktail chef – Ben Davidson, Mr. Tequila legend – Phil Bayly (Cafe Pacifico), Tequila lover – Jason Chan (Seamstress), The Gun – Perry Scott (The Lark), The Craft winner – Ryan Noreiks (The Lark) and emerging bartenders Mark McKenzie (1907), Cameron Emerson (Andaluz), Nathan Beazley (The Bowery), Nick Hatting (Sticky), Pierre Faljourn (The Den, Ivy), Tim Wastell (Blue Diamond), Michelle Morrow (The Balcony), & James Spencer (Luxe bar).


These events are not to be missed, and will be a true bartenders celebration to toast the world of the cocktail in honour of Dale DeGroff, Jill DeGroff, Phil Greene, Robert Hess and everyone shaking and pouring around the world.

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  1. I would change it but then your comment wouldn’t make any sense! What title would you like to give yourself and then I’ll change it for you Mr Wastell. – Amy

  2. Hi,

    Wednesday May 6th saw the launch of WCW 09 at Hugo’s Lounge, for what is proving to be a really exciting national tour for World Cocktail Week. Over the last four years it is fantastic to see the support that the industry gives this day growing from 100 people in 2006 to over 200 in the first hour this year.

    Aside from Phil Bayly, Peirre Fajlourn and Nick Hatting mixing the drinks on the night as guest bartenders, we also had some very familiar faces and some new faces who made the effort to see what the night was all about.

    Thanks to Nick Van Tiel and Tim for their ‘dirty gangster tunes’, who played way past the 930 official celebration time to keep the party going. 

    Four days from now, myself, Ben ‘Cocktail Chef’ Davidson and Trevor Hannam will be jetting to Brisbane to do it all again and we can’t wait to see the teams flocking on Sky Room for another night of cocktail antics. Ryan Noreiks, Nathan Beazley and Perry Scott will be manning the bar, so if you haven’t already RSVP’d get onto it and be there for 7pm sharp.

    Thanks to all the Sydneysiders for coming along to mark the occasion.


  3. Tim,
    Tim ‘The Pirate of Cocktails’ Wastell it is…I’ll amend my brief sheet to communicate this…
    Look forward to seeing you on Wednesday.

  4. Should be awesome Wardy, looking forward to it. By the way, the Chivas 18 YO is fucking awesome. Nice to see the morning glory fizz on this site as well.
    Cheers T Dub

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