Das Zimmer, Hobart

Das Zimmer

23 Salamanca Square, Hobart
03 6224 7548

Hooray! Forgive the excitement but it’s rare that a Tassie venue is featured on this site. And this one sounds like a real corker. Located in the heart of Hobart, Das Zimmer provides a full food menu and extensive wine list until 3am (Russian lobster and white asparagus is a refreshing change from a doner kebab at 2am). Das Zimmer is situated in a quirky loft space that’s divided into private booths – each with their own luxurious lounges and the option of shutting out the rest of the world with your own velvet drapes. Bar Manager Sean Beukes has carefully chosen his cocktail list with a heavy emphasis on classic drinks with subtle twists, while the selection of wines strikes a balance between old and new world without forgetting the fantastic local drops.

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  1. I was recently in Tas for work and headed in to see the team from Daszimmer – easily the most premium venue in town and great to see quality food being served past 8.30pm in Hobart!
    Good luck to Sean and the team and lets hope we see more of it happening and supported in Hobart, which seems to be raising its standards in the on-premise in general at the moment. 

    Also check out Cargo bar pizza lounge on the salamanca waterfront…

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