Suntory Cup turns 21 in ’09

misty-hoetaThis year the Suntory Cup could legally gamble and drink in Vegas but thankfully its sticking closer to home and celebrating its coming of age in Australia by looking for the best new cocktail recipe of 2009. The lucky winner will be packing their bags for a European bar and distillery trip of a lifetime with $1,000 spending money. And you can be assured that this year’s festivities will adequately celebrate 21 years of cocktail craftiness! The Suntory Cup is judged purely on the drinks merits, with selected Club Suntory members casting their votes unaware of who has created the drink they are tasting. 2008 Suntory Cup winner Misty Hoeta said of the competition last year: “I am really proud to have been involved with such an amazing competition, I loved how everyone worked so well together and the support from everyone was just something else! I want everyone I know to be a part of the Suntory Cup it is a competition not judged on who you are and who you know, it is the fairest competition I have ever had the pleasure of being part of.”

So get your creative juices flowing, invent YOUR winning cocktail and jump onto between the 15th July – 31st August 2009 to submit your winning recipe! To help you along, we will be running ‘How to invent a winning drink’ MasterClasses nationally throughout July and August, check out for the session in your nearest city. Good luck!

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