Smuggler’s Den Update

A fake saloon from Prohibition. Canadian tourists would pose for photos so they could tell the friends back home that they were 'scofflaws'!

Well we finally have something to report about this all new area for Sydney BarShow ’09!

First of all we’ve changed the price to get in to $10 per session with the hope of holding about 4-6 sessions per day with all profits being donated to the Starlight Children’s Foundation.

Secondly we have a rapidly growing list of cool products that you’ll be able to try at Smuggler’s Den. Here’s what we’ve managed to sneak past those dammed border officials so far:

Elmer T Lee Kentucky straight Bourbon whiskey


Chartreuse V.E.P

Old Grandad 86 proof Kentucky straight Bourbon whiskey

Shui Jing Fang Baijiu

Laird’s Applejack

Virginia Moonshine

Oronoco White Rum

Captain Morgan’s Private Stock rum

‘Rum Nation’ Single Domain Rum 12 Year old Demerara

Arette Añejo Tequila

Sailor Jerry spiced rum

A big thank you to these folks for pledging a bottle or two: Sven Almenning, David Spanton, Russ McFadden, Andy McIntyre, Jared Plummer, and Nigel Weisbaum. And also to the folks from the Match Bar Group who apart from bringing in a few goodies will also be hosting the Den in September!  

If there is something that you’d like to see at Smuggler’s Den, or you’d like to pledge a bottle to the cause, post a comment or email me (the ‘Smuggler’) on

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