The Bartender’s Gin Compendium by Gaz Regan


gaz regan the bartender formerly known as Gary Regan, a regular blogger on the website, cocktail columnist for The San Francisco Chronicle, and the author of The Joy of Mixology. He also wrote The Bartender’s Bible, and co-authored, with Mardee Haidin Regan, The Book of Bourbon and Other Fine American Whiskeys, The Bourbon Companion, The Martini Companion, and New Classic Cocktails.

gaz and Mardee host the web site, publish the ardent spirits email newsletter (since 1999), and manage the Worldwide Bartender Database. gaz started working behind the bar in 1966 when he was 14 years old, has tended bar on and off ever since, and he has sucked back more gin than you’d ever dream possible. Even more than Dave Wondrich.

gaz has just announced the arrival of his second baby, the bartender’s GIN compendium (really).


“Going the self-publishing route this time has been very interesting for me,” says gaz.  “It’s allowed me to say some rather naughty things that the big boys might not have let me get away with.”

Click here to buy the book.

  1. Thanks to Oz Bartender Mag for highlighting this.  Chances are that shipping price to Oz might be really really high.  If so, hang on for a few weeks, and it will be available fro OZ amazon & other Oz web sites.  Cheers, gaz regan

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