Beer Cocktails Bolster Sales


Mention the Snakebite, Black Velvet or Red Eye and most bartenders will cringe slightly. Beer cocktails are not usually discussed when cutting edge cocktail trends are on the agenda. But UK trade mag, The Publican recently published a report on how beer cocktails had helped to boost sales with mixed drinks designed to appeal to women.

The Dial, in Burton-Upon-Trent, was chosen by Molson Coors to trial its ‘beer cocktails’ and has experienced an average 26 per cent jump in beer sales on the nights they have been on offer.

The range included such drinks as Kru Woo – peach schnapps and cranberry juice topped up with Kasteel Cru – is one of the ideas hit upon by the BitterSweet Partnership, the business launched by Molson Coors to make beer a more appealing choice for women.

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  1. About time too!!!! Big up the Michalada, Lagerita, Ale Flip, Stout-Rum Punch and so on…
    At quiet times we crack our whites to order which leaves us with a whole yolk just beggin’ for tom juice, beer and a crack of salt n pepper… push it… mmm push it real good.

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