Big Rig Diner & Houndstooth Room, Sydney

Big Rig Diner

Big Rig Diner & Houndstooth Room

231 Oxford Street, Darlinghurst, Sydney

02 9332 31 97


A new roadside inspired offering from the Ruby Rabbit team is the Big Rig Diner; an American style bar and eatery serving up hearty, top quality meals and beverages that satisfy both the toughest food critic and the truckie’s appetite. Chilli Fries and nachos are complemented by succulent burgers, Wagyu beef hot dogs and no shortage of cold beer (sorry no low-carb here) and Margaritas. Forget haute cuisine Big Rig Diner’s selection is unashamedly comfort food and is available till 3am in the morning whether you be propped up at the pleated steel bar or in or nestled in one of the many booths. The jukebox plays seven inch records from the glory days of American diners so expect the odd splash of Johnny Cash or Fleetwood Mac.

Houndstooth Room

Should you be up for intimate, moody surrounds you’ll need to approach the grill cook who will you into the unmarked Houndstooth Room; a laid-back New York style lounge named after the with hand printed hounds tooth patterned linen that lines the walls. The term speakeasy should be used sparingly, but you’ll be able to apply it to this gin joint which consists of a one man cocktail bar nestled under stairs of the lively Ruby Rabbit. Tucked in the corner is the “Prague Phone Booth” that via a thumb scanner will admit you to the rather controversially named Ryeball Room inspired by a cult gentlemen’s magazine with its “decadent, seductive interior.”

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