Coney Island Bartender Bumfight

Warriors come out and Plaaayaaay

Ok so this isn’t really a cocktail story, but the ‘coconut crazed cowboys’ that are Tha Colada Club and the cats that bought you Rematch Beeyatch are presenting a evening of classic cocktail madness at Sydney’s Victoria Room with the “Coney Island Bartender Bumfight”.

 They’ve approached some of the country’s leading bartenders and asked them dust off those vintage cocktail books and strap on their suspenders ’cause they’re going to take it back to the old school, that’s right, classics beeyatches.

The evening will take the form of  a Karate Kid style knockout tournament with 20 contestants (teams of two) from 10 bars having to make 10 classics (five drinks per bartender) from a list of 20 (without specs) drawn at random and announced to the contestants in front of the  rabid and baying spectators.

Each of the five judges, comprised of local at international gurus, will assign the drinks a mark out of 10 to be held aloft, with the slower team losing a mark off their total for every 10 seconds they finish after the quicker team.


Bartenders will have to bring one crisply ironed $100 note per team to enter the comp with only one duo walking away with the cash… so if my arithmetic is right we’re looking a bag of sand here for the winners!

The Time and The Place:
Sunday 20th September at 6pm SHARP
At the Victoria Room Prizefighter Ring

Spectators, Supporters and Hecklers welcome. The louder the merrier.

Visit the Facebook site for more details on teams competing and rules etc.

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