Mount Gay Rum launches Old Cask Selection


Recently Mount Gay Rum announced the release of the much anticipated Mount Gay 1703 Old Cask Selection and revealed the new look of the Mount Gay Rum Extra Old.

In honour of its rich heritage and centuries-old excellence, Mount Gay Rum has crafted an entirely new product to appeal to the most discerning of spirit connoisseurs. Created by Mount Gay Master Blender Allen Smith, the 1703 Old Cask Selection will progressively become available in the most exclusive destinations across the world.*

Blended entirely from the treasures of Mount Gay Rum’s prized reserves, the 1703 Old Cask Selection is being hailed as a masterpiece. Twice named ‘Bartender of the Year’ in the Barbados Minister of Tourism Awards, Chesterfield says the Mount Gay 1703 Old Cask Selection will seduce and delight even the most refined of palates:

“The island of Barbados has long been a symbol of luxury, glamour and revelry, and we believe we have captured its essence in the 1703 Old Cask Selection. The rum is created from the sugarcane and coral-filtered water of Barbados and then aged for 10 to 30 years producing a smooth, rich taste with a hint of tropical notes.”


One of the most highly awarded rums in existence Mount Gay Rum Extra Old has been repackaged to reflect its exceptional quality. The luxurious, embossed oval bottle and label of deep chocolate and gold have been carefully selected to encase the Mount Gay Rum Extra Old to dramatic effect. Elegant, classy, and worthy of the Mount Gay brand name and its position as the most prestigious rum in the world, the new packaging is a reinvention of the rum that invented rum.

*The Mount Gay 1703 Old Cask Selection expected Australian release date is January 2010.

For more information contact your Suntory representative.

  1. Hello
    Have been unable to buy Mt Gay Old.I can now understand why.
    Can you please advise which retailers have the new product.
    Hope you can help
    Campbell Barnes

  2. Hi

    Anybody been able to buy this rum? I have tried to email suntory but got no response.

    Thanks is advance.


  3. Hi David. I believe stock has been delayed from Barbados slightly, but I would try your Suntory Rep again. It’s well worth getting hold of!

  4. Simon

    Thanks for that. I still have not been able to find it. I have looked and telephoned at least 50 bottle shops now. Still no response from Suntory.

    I will keep trying.

    Let me know if something turns up elsewhere.


  5. Hi David,

    Yeah your best bet is to contact Suntory directly. I don’t know how much stock they have of this, but I believe it’s in the country now. I have sampled it myself (yes it’s delicious) so I know it really does exist!



  6. Simon

    After a few calls to Suntory and their distributors I have been told that it is not due in Oz until mid April. It took a while to explain what it was as no one had heard of it. No mention of price yet. Looking forward to mid April.


  7. Thanks for the update David.

    That’s good to know. It’s worth the wait in any case.



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