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Most Influential

We have had a fantastic response to the voting for the Bartender magazine’s Most Influential List in association with Diageo’s Alchemy. With more than 580 votes from trade professionals the results have revealed a good mix of bartenders, operators, brand managers and trainers, among others. We think this a great new initiative that really rewards those people who help make the bartending and hospitality industry a great place to be.

Below is the Top 50 which will also be announced in the November issue of Bartender magazine. Stay tuned for the Top 10 which will be announced at a bumper end of year celebration at Match Bar & Grill on Tuesday, 8th December.

Would you like to attend The Most Influential List Party?

When: December 8, 7pm sharp fro drinks and canapés


Where: Match Bar & Grill, 249 Little Lonsdale Street,  Melbourne

RSVP: Please RSVP to; please make sure you include your full name and the venue you work at.

So, without further ado, here is the Most Influential Top 50 (in alphabetical order by first name):

  • Alex Ross, Match Bar & Grill, Melbourne
  • Amy Cooper, Sun-Herald S
  • Andrew McDowell, Crown & Sceptre, Adelaide
  • Andy Freeman, Luxe Bar/bamboo, Perth
  • Barry Chalmers, Behind Bars
  • Ben Davidson, Pernod Ricard
  • Ben Walsh, Goldfish, Sydney
  • Cameron Birt, The Bowery/Skyroom, Brisbane
  • Camillio Ippolitti, Cookie/Revolver, Melbourne
  • Con Christopoulos, Melbourne Supperclub/Siglo, Melbourne
  • Dave Evans, Hugos Group
  • David Nguyen-Luu, The Julep Lounge, Canberra
  • Fraser Short, Keystone Hospitality
  • Gary Beadle, 399, Perth
  • Geoff Hayward, The Brisbane Hotel, Perth
  • Grant Collins, Bar Solutions
  • Greg Sanderson, Reserve/Black Pearl, Melbourne
  • Jacob Briars, 42 Below
  • Jason Chan, Seamstress/Sweatshop, Melbourne
  • Jason Crawley, Mixxit
  • Jason Jelicich, Barmetrix
  • Justin Hemmes, Merivale Group, Sydney
  • Kevin Singh, Taj Hospitality, Melbourne
  • Leeroy Petersen, Twisted Liquid
  • Linden Pride, Rockpool B&G and Mangkut
  • Manuel Terron, Southtrade International
  • Marco Faraone, Flavour
  • Marcus Motteram, 24 Moons & ffour, Melbourne
  • James Hudson, Re:Love, Sydney
  • Mark Ward, Yakusan
  • Martin Lange, Sling/Salon, Brisbane
  • Mathew Hewitt, Gin Lane, Brisbane
  • Matthew Bax, Der Raum, Melbourne
  • Maurice Terzini, Icebergs & North Bondi Italian Food, Sydney
  • Michael Delany, Honkytonks, Sorry Grandma! & Third Class, Melbourne
  • Mick Formosa, Club Suntory
  • Mike Chen, Golden Monkey, Melbourne
  • Mike Enright, Merivale, Sydney
  • Naren Young, Locanda, NYC
  • Natasha Conte, Black Pearl, Melbourne
  • Nigel Weisbaum, Club Suntory
  • Pat Nourse, Gourmet Traveller
  • Paul Schulte, The Winery & Gazebo Wine Garden, Sydney
  • Perry Scott, The Lark, Brisbane
  • Phil Bayly, Café Pacifico, Sydney
  • Raphael Bickle, Katarzyna Group, Brisbane
  • Sebastian Reaburn, 1806 & Mixology Management, Melbourne
  • Sven Almenning, Behind Bars
  • Tim Wastell, Blue Diamond, Melbourne
  • Vernon Chalker, Gin Palace, Madame Brussels, Collins Quarter, Melbourne

  1. Congratulations to the Top 50 and thank you to everyone who got involved and voted!

    We received over 580 votes and most people submitted the maximum allowed five names giving us a whopping 2,900+ entries!

    Don’t miss out on what will be a huge end of year party at Match Bar to announce the winner and top 10. Hope to see you there!


  2. Wow, thrilled and humbled to be included on such an amazing list, thanks so much!. Your Top 50 is a credit to all the amazing people, some going back a few years indeed, who have helped make the Australian bar scene the most interesting and dynamic in the world. Well done to everyone (especially to the operators who provide such great jobs to so many Kiwis enabling them to send money home to Mum and Dad and help grow our economy too).

  3. Thank you to those who voted, very humbling and totally surprised to be included in such an amazing talented list !!!!!

    XOXO Tash

  4. Incredible!!!!
    Thanks to those that thought me worthy of being on this list of stellar individuals, it is amazing to be included amongst such an esteemed group of industry giants.  I can only hope to continuously give back in a fashion that is befitting the high regard bestowed upon me.  Cheers!!!

  5. A few surprises to be honest but overall a pretty good list. Not really the biggest fan of such lists as it smells of politics and i dont really see the point of blowing steam up already arrogant industry characters. Anywho alot of familiar names and good friends popped up and i tip my hat to them.

  6. This is all pretty exciting, what a great way to say thanks to some, of many, people responsible for such a fantastic industry. It’s an absolute honour to be included, thank you so much!!


    p.s. Timmy – relax!

  7. and how is Dave Spanton not on this list? For him, Amy and Simon all to be left off from Bartender magazine is ridiculous. C’mon guys i know you run the show but lose the humility and include yourselfs. Where would our local industry be without your Magazine. Same has to be said for all the good work James Wilkonson has done at B&C

  8. Awesome ! Great to see I know a few of these people, I might be able to get a job when I return to Oz after all !! Congrats to everyone.

    Tim Phillips you have a big mouth ( I still love you though)


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