Pierre Fajloun joins Alchemy


Diageo’s  Alchemy  program  has  recruited  one  of  Sydney’s  best  to  join  the team:  Pierre  Fajloun,  ivy  lounge  and  den’s  head bartender. Pierre  brings  a  wealth  of  experience  and  vibrancy  to  the  Alchemy  program. In  his  six  years  behind  the  bar,  he has  worked at  a  number  of  high?end establishments,  including  the  Four  Seasons,  Zeta  Bar  and  now  ivy.

Pierre  has  a  long  list  of  accolades  to  his  name;  2008  Merivale  Bartender  of the  Year,  2009  Australian  Bartending  Guild National  Champion  and  2009 International  Bartending  Association  World  Finalist,  just  to  name  a  few.

Joining  a  team  of  over  15  other  Behind  Bars  consultants,  Pierre  is  amongst a  group  of  Australia’s  most  talented  and passionate  bartenders.  His  role  as an  Alchemist  will  entail  training  other  bartenders  in  the  Alchemy  modules Category  Spirits, Complete  Bartender,  Product  Knowledge  and  Cocktail Solutions.

Pierre  said  of  being  the  newest  Alchemist: “I’m  very  excited  to  be  joining the  Alchemy  family  and  can’t  wait  for  the experiences  and  learning  that this phase  of  my  career  will  bring.”


Sven  Almenning,  Director  of  Behind  Bars  Industry  Services  said;  “It’s  this kind  of  exceptional  talent  that  allows  us  to  grow  as a  program  and  better it  each  year.  We  are  very  honoured  to  have  the  likes  of  Pierre  on  our team.  We  are  confident  that  his passion  for  the  industry  rubs  off  onto those  who  attend  his  sessions!”

For  more  information  on  Diageo’s  Alchemy  Program,  contact  Karina  Munoz  at  Behind  Bars  Industry  Services:

(02)  9011  7182  or  karina@behindbars.com.au

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