Please Do Tell – The Inside Story of the Modern Speakeasy

Philip Duff & Jim Meehan present "Please Do Tell" at Sydney BarShowSydney BarShow this year was lucky enough to have Jim Meehan from New York’s acclaimed modern speakeasy Please Don’t Tell (PDT) and Philip Duff the globe trotting Irishman, consultant, owner of Amsterdam’s door 74 and oft time Bartender magazine contributor take part in all the action.

Jim was in town as the grand master for Signé’s The Craft mentoring program, but still found time to present this very informative seminar on the inside story of running a modern speakeasy with Mr. Duff. The slide show below will give you an insight into their presentation, but of course it is without Jim’s dulcet tone s and Philip’s humorous quips. All the same it contains loads of very pertinent information for those of you who run cocktails bars or are hoping to do so in the future from two of the preeminent owner/operators from around the globe.

Please Do Tell


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