The Ocean Room, Sydney

The Ocean Room (photography by Jeremy Simons)

Circular Quay West, The Rocks, Sydney

02 9252 9585

After two months of renovations, the iconic harbour front restaurant Ocean Room re-opened late September with a spectacular new interior and cutting edge menu.  The venue was transformed by award-winning designer Yasumichi Morita whose contemporary refurbishment “is a reflection of the Ocean Room philosophy: Japanese traditions meeting the modern world.”


The venue is a collaboration between Japanese high-end restaurant group Zetton and award-winning designer Yasumichi Morita. It is their first venture on Australian soil – and little expense has been spared in the design process. Meticulously formed, the new Ocean Room design is all about detail – from the soaring curved ceiling feature to the series of port-hole light features inset in the walls.  Drawing upon ancient wooden elements and a grand chandelier motif, Ocean Room evokes a sense of old-world grandeur while also providing a glamorous, intimate dining space for discerning diners.

Head chef Raita Noda’s menu challenges traditional interpretations of modern Japanese food by reworking ancient recipes and experimenting with flavour and texture combinations. Take for example dishes like the sake jelly bar cod (flame-seared bar cod served with light sake and plum jelly and wrapped in fresh, sheer konbu) or crispy lemongrass-skewered uzura quail. Naturally, the menu is also studded with sashimi and fresh sushi offerings.

Ocean Room also boasts a world-class drink offering courtesy of bon vivant and internationally mixologist and Andy Penny.  Penny’s drink list has been inspired by Japan’s seven gods of fortune, but also pays tribute to his time at award-winning bars across the globe including Milk & Honey in New York and Atlantic Bar in London. “Ocean Room’s ‘lucky god’ cocktail list draws on traditional Japanese flavours but it also has a modern twist,” comments Penny. “Each of the seven drinks are a stand alone experience – and they each pack their own unique punch.”

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