Last chance to be a presenter at Sydney BarShow 2010!

BarShow 2010

The BarShow team is looking for new and exciting sessions for the Bar Talks theatre and the Bar Mixology theatre. Your seminar can be presented by you alone or you can put together a panel of three (plus a host). But your time is running out, so put your thinking cap on and send your entries in by 28 February, 2010.

Australian Speakers: If your seminar is chosen, you will receive a free Bar Awards gala dinner ticket (valued at $295).

International speakers: (NZ not included – sorry Jacob) In addition to a Bar Awards ticket ($295), and a great excuse to visit our beautiful city, you will receive three nights accommodation at one of our partner hotels.



All speakers and seminars must be independent and not staged in association with a drinks company. We already have a handful of seminars session times set aside for suppliers to book for the 2010 exhibition.

Send your ideas to

ENTRIES CLOSE 28 February, 2010.

  1. You need to bring back Angus Winchester with his collection of unusual spirits, and maybe bring over Jamie Boudreau, Ian Burrell or Robert Hess. It would also be really good to hear from Tony Conigliaro again

  2. Thanks Owen all good suggestions.

    We are replacing the Tequila World theatre (which was a big hit in 09) and focusing on Rum in 2010 creating “The Rum Shack”. I have been speaking with Ian Burrell on this and fingers crossed we might have him out here next year! He’s a busy man so we will have to wait and see. Whats important to know come next year’s show is that we will be charging a small fee ($35) to get access to the four dedicated theatres at Sydney BarShow over both days (Bar Mixology, Bar talks/tastings, Smuggler’s Den and The Rum Shack). That means we can keep investing in bring out international speakers plus making sure the right visitors can get into the sessions they want to see without missing out if it’s too full.


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