Bartender Magazine’s Top 5 Cocktails of 2010

Daniel Kane's All Saints' Sour

With summer now in full swing the team here and Bartender magazine are getting a mighty thirst on. Every month we get sent some cracking cocktail recipes and menus from all around the country, we get to sample fine potions on our travels and often drink superlative beverages compounded for the country’s top cocktail competitions. Many of these beverages make it into the magazine each month, and others still get uploaded onto this site and if it’s one thing Bartender mag has had some experience in it’s knowing a good drink when we taste one!

In 2010, therefore, Bartender is going to pick the Top Five Cocktails of 2010. We’re going to make up this short list of Australia’s top cocktail drops from the recipe submissions we already have on file, cocktails we’ve tested during our travels and recipes that get submitted to us before 25 March (at Those mixed drinks that make cut we’ll photograph and print in May’s Bartender. The drinks’ creators will not only have the honour of inventing one of 2010’s top cocktails, but will also be awarded a free ticket to the Bartender Magazine Australian Bar Awards gala dinner and after party in September.

Ada Coleman's Hanky Panky (from The Savoy Cocktail Book 1930)

Well with all this in mind here’s a couple of things that we’ll be looking for in our Top Five Cocktails:

  1. Use alcoholic beverage of your choosing and include any ingredients, homemade or otherwise as long as they these products are available to any bar in Australia (We can’t possible test the beverage if it is impossible to make!).
  2. Bartender magazine is looking for a drink that is elegant in its simplicity, but complex in its flavour profile so try to keep the number of ingredients to a minimum: Create a harmony of flavours – not a cacophony!

Good luck and happy mixing!

  1. Hello Simon,

    I would like to enter 2 drinks,

    Smokey Rob Roy

    20ml Talisker 10
    15ml Lagavulin 16
    10ml cigar infused Zacapa
    25ml sweet vermouth Rosso
    laphroaig 1/4 cask wash in glass

    Stir to the correct dilution, serve in a coupette and garnish with a whisky soaked cherry

    Group drink

    Kensington Cocktail, a drink for 5 served in the Kensington shaker. The first ever Skyscraper shaker.

    Times the ingredients by 5 to get group serve.
    40ml Tanqueray
    25ml Apple juice
    20ml Lemon juice
    20ml Pineapple Spiced syrup
    4 muddled pineapple wedges
    10ml camomille liqueur

    Shake, and serve in Aluminium cups over crushed ice, with a mint sprig garnish, and seasonal fruit.

  2. Thanks Barry.

    I’ve tried the Smoky Rob Roy… delicious! I’m very thirsty all of a sudden.

  3. Simon,

    A little known drink, a great taste:

    Comfortable Jack:

    half part Jack Daniels
    half part Southern Comfort
    half part Triple Sec.
    top up lemonade
    6 lime wedge
    1 part sugar syrup

    Muddle lime wedges in bottom of Bostin glass, with sugar syrup. Add Ice, Jack Daniels, Southern Comfort, Triple Sec, and shake. Pour into boston glass with ice and top up with lemonade.

    Comfortable Jack adaptation (My personal favorite):

    Replace the lime wedges with bar lime, and just squeeze one wedge over the top just before serving.

  4. Heres what I’m drinking in bars lately…

    1 part Vodka (don’t worry about name brands, the cheaper the better..)
    6 parts coke

    add ice..but NOT too much.

    Drink the shit out of it.

  5. Wow Tim.

    Looks like you’ve come a long way since you’ve left Oz. Does your complicated recipe have a name?

    It’s a shame it’s past the deadline for submissions otherwise I might well have considered this for a top spot! 😉

  6. Hello Simon,

    2 drinks from me if you dont mind

    This is 1 of my fav drinks, slightly different from espresso martini (cant handle too much coffee end of the shift)

    20ml Kahlua
    20ml Tuaca
    20ml Apricot Brandy
    10ml Grand Marnier
    Dash of Angustora Orange Bitter

    Add all ingredient into boston glass and stir till chill, serve in chilled martini glass and rub the rym with flamed oranged peel to serve.

    Second drink is a little bit cheeky and rough, suitable for young happening venue.

    30ml Drambuie
    30ml Cointrue
    30ml Fresh Lime Juice

    Fisrtly pour your drambuie into a rock glass and light it up, let it cook for 10-15seconds depends on individua and squeeze in some orange zest to give flavor and some fire show. Secondly a full scoop of ice into the glass while the fire is still on and than you pour in your cointreu, stir a lilttle bit to bring out the milkish creamy color of cointrue. Squeeze in the 30ml of Lime Juice (approximately half of the lime, more if you like it sour). Serve and you can see 2 different layer of color in the glass.

    Easy to made and please try it and see if you like it. Enjoy

    Collin Yong


  7. Your an idiot Tim, we all know you never drank drinks as good as that… Can’t wait to see you one day soon pal, I will have all the cheap Vodka and coke you want waiting.

  8. St.cucumber Martini:-

    30 ml ciroc vodka,
    15 ml galliano,
    15 ml elderflower liquer,
    5 ml lemon juice,
    10 ml fresh pineapple juice
    inch cucumber peel on
    rose water spray

    muddle cucumber/lemon juice
    add all other ingredients
    shake and double strain in a chilled martini glass
    garnish with fine cucumber slice floating
    spray with a mist of rose water spray
    rinse glass with dash rose water if u dont have the spray but beware with the amount of rose water used because it will be very overpowering and ruin the drink

    created by:
    Alston joseph
    head bartender@four seasons hotel,sydney

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