Parched March: 30 Bars in 30 Days by Amy Cooper


Throughout March, Sun-Herald journalist Amy Cooper is out and about in Sydney’s bars as part of a new campaign to support and promote the bar industry. Parched March: 30 Bars in 30 Days is Cooper’s version of campaigns such as FebFast which require participants to give up alcohol for charity.

Instead of fasting, Cooper and supporters are sampling as many licensed venues as possible in March, focussing on the variety, quality and originality of Sydney’s bar scene and promoting “responsible, mindful enjoyment of alcohol.”

“I want to shift the emphasis away from ‘all or nothing’ approaches to drinking,” says Cooper.

“While I commend the charitable motivation of fasting campaigns and the funds they raise, I’d like to see promotion of a healthy attitude to alcohol, rather than complete bans and scare stories, which only serve to encourage binge drinking.


“We have a vibrant, sophisticated bar scene in this city and an endless choice of ways in which to enjoy great drinks in beautiful settings. We don’t hear enough about the many positives of our bar culture.

“I want to show by example that for the average person, drinking moderately is part of a rich and varied social life, not a destructive pursuit.”

During the 30 Bars in 30 Days odyssey, Cooper is visiting new bars and old favourites, sampling signature cocktails, meeting the talent and gathering news about the industry, accompanied by members of the Bartender magazine team. “this is a great way to get out and about with a few friends to try a few new bars and cocktails and show your support for Sydney’s quality bar scene” says David Spanton publisher of Bartender.

Cooper also hopes to raise charity funds from the campaign. “If I make my target of 30 Bars in 30 Days,” she says, “Supporters are invited to donate money to charity. Bartender magazine started the ball rolling with $50 per bar.”

And yep, that’s right, you can follow all Cooper’s progress right here at

  1. Our little bar opened in Bondi Beach on the 13th January at 83 Curlewis street after aeons dealing with council. We are an artspace as well as a wine bar and would love to get involved in your project. Please let us know what we can do to support your efforts.
    Dani Baxter
    m. 0438274538

  2. Hi Dani,

    What is the name of your bar? We’ll pop in if we’ve got space on our itinerary… Your also more than welcome to sponsor Amy or myself as we’re trying to raise money for charity by doing something we’re good at!



  3. Amy

    Re Spice I am:

    Would love you and the team to call into Spice I am’s sexy cocktail bar (296-300 Victoria St., Darlinghurst. Ken the new bar manager is
    a dab hand at whipping up the most delicious cocktails and there’s a fabulous wine list with Aussie and imported wines.
    Sujet the chef and c o owner is awesome in the realms of authentic Thai cuisine and the trendy Thais just love the restaurant.

    Hope to see you doon.

    Very Best

    Dee O’Loghin
    Mobile: 0417 485 690

  4. Would love to discover your bar, Dani , and Dee- you know I love the spicy stuff! See you soon!

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