WEBWATCH: Mixxit.com.au

The New Mixxit Website

The industrious Mixxit team have been hard at work over the summer months to pull together a cracking new website. www.mixxit.com.au is their online base of operations featuring the Marvellous Mixxit Mixer Machine – a spirit and flavour matching tool – the Three Dashes of Bitters e-newsletter containing hilarity and the latest industry news, updates on the Magnificent 7 competition, videos and all the information you need about Mixxit training sessions.

If pop along to the site you might also get to meet the jolly 19th Century sport “Harry”. Harry will show you the marvels of the Mixxit Mixer machine and introduce you to the Magnificent 7; The Punch, The Milk Punch, The Cocktail, The Sour, The Cobbler, The Collins and The Highball. The site brings together a useful resource tool with a Monty Python-esque sense of humour.

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