Month: April 2010

666 Pure Tasmanian Vodka

The latest home grown product that will soon be hitting the shelves of bars around Australia is the premium 666 Pure Tasmanian Vodka.

All Star Crew Behind ‘The Black Boater’

Dan Woolley and his new company, Edge Group, has pulled together some of Sydney’s top bar stars to breath some new life into Surry Hills’ old ‘Mars Lounge’ re-branding the bar as ‘The Black Boater’.

Manitowoc Ice Machines

Manitowoc have been in the business of making ice machines for over 40 years and are America’s number one selling ice machine manufacturer. AJ Baker & Sons – a family owned West Australian Company which has been involved in the commercial refrigeration industry in Australia since 1931 – are the exclusive Australian distributors for these world leading ice machines.

CLASSIC: The Rickey

What is the one beverage that sells you cases of stock over a busy weekend? You know, the one that makes the owners money, keeps suppliers on-side and furnishes thirsty punters with a cooling beverage. Some may call it the ‘vodka, lime & soda’, others – if they’re going to be tricky about it – may call it a Vodka Rickey.

‘Walk for Haiti’ Charity Cocktail Event

On 6 May, 2010 Melbourne’s hidden bar community will be recreating ‘forgotten classics’ to raise money for disaster stuck Haiti with their ‘Walk for Haiti’ charity cocktail event.

Vectron’s New Customer Reward Voucher Tool

Vectron’s new point of purchase voucher tool can help you gain and maintain customer loyalty. Bundled into a POS system offered by Vectron, customer reward vouchers can be generated instantly at point of sale.

Mixxit Bartenders Hair Wax

Are you tired of your hair do resembling an extra fuzzy tennis ball? Perhaps there’s no ‘coif’ in your coiffure? Well the marvellous Mixxit team have the remedy for your fluff, frizzes and fur: Presenting Mixxit Bartenders Hair Wax.