Campari Australia Open For Business

The iconic Campari brand

Campari Australia are excited to announce their arrival in the Australian liquor scene. Campari’s national trade marketing manager, Liam Murphy, said: “This is a very exciting time for us all at Campari Australia. We’re a new team with a unique opportunity to build a business from the ground up on the foundation of some solid brands. Everyone is relishing the prospect and very positive about the future. Campari Australia is positioned perfectly to partner with bars across the country and we plan to offer genuine innovation in on-premise brand building.”

Campari Australia will big looking after brands such as Wild Turkey, Skyy Vodka, Cinzano, Ouzo 12, Riccadona, Aperol and of course that essential Negroni ingredient Campari.

“Wild Turkey American Honey, Rare Breed and Rye offer the bartender the opportunity to experiment with the bourbon category,” comments Murphy. “Campari and Aperol, brands that are sexy and playful as well as being seriously cool are perfect for the Australian social culture. They present venues and bartenders with lower alcohol options to offer their customers.”


“Thanks to its quadruple distillation and triple filtration process, Skyy Vodka has tested as amongst the purest of all leading vodkas. We plan to engage with the man or women behind the mahogany to remind him or her of the quality of the liquid in the bottle. From a positioning point of view Skyy is about glamour and we’re all very excited about our partnership with the film Sex and the City 2.”

Murphy concludes by saying: “There are great times ahead and Campari Australia is committed to contributing in a positive way to the bartending community.”

For further information please contact Campari Australia on 1300 856 759

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