The Woodford Reserve Cocktail Derby

Do you have what it takes to create a winning drink for the Woodford Reserve Cocktail Derby?

Woodford Reserve has announced the launch of an innovative new horse racing program in Australia. The top-shelf bourbon brand is looking for a cocktail to compliment their program in a competition aptly named the Woodford Reserve Cocktail Derby.

Woodford Reserve are inviting bartenders far and wide to submit a signature cocktail inspired by horse racing and the small batch bourbon whiskey. The winning cocktail will be promoted as the signature cocktail for Woodford Reserve’s Horse Racing program in Australia for 2010.

“The national winner – in addition to their state winner’s prize – will earn a five percent share of the winnings of Woodford Reserve’s race horse for one year”

Both state and national winners will be chosen for this competition. Sate winners will win a cool $500 in cash plus a bottle of the 2010 Woodford Reserve Master’s Collection: Seasoned Oak. Furthermore, the national winner – in addition to their state winner’s prize – will earn a five percent share of the winnings of Woodford Reserve’s race horse for one year as well as a full page profile in Australian Bartender magazine featuring the winning drink!


Tamara Kent, Brown Forman’s Woodford Reserve brand manager is enthusiastic about this year’s program.

The legendary Bart Cummings“Woodford Reserve have got a race horse being trained by Bart Cummings that will be really exciting to follow this year,” explains Kent.

“With the horse racing program we really want to find a drink we can highlight as the signature cocktail for Woodford Reserve in the on-premise and on the track. Bartenders have been long-time supporters of Woodford Reserve and we’re really excited there is an opportunity to work with them to develop a drink that can be promoted nationally.”


If you think you’ve got what it takes to create a winning mix here’s the criteria for the Woodford Reserve Cocktail Derby:

  • Contestants must use a minimum of 30ml Woodford Reserve
  • Contestants are allowed to submit one drink only
  • Drinks must be able to be replicated in any premium bar
  • Drinks submitted may only use six ingredients (not including garnish)
  • All drinks submitted must be an original creation

Entries must be sent to your Brown-Forman territory manager or directly to Tamara Kent ( by close of business on April  27. The competition submissions received will go through preliminary judging which will take place on April 28. Six finalists will be selected from each state and a panel of three judges will then visit the bar of the finalist bartenders on the dates below:

  • Melbourne – May 4
  • Adelaide – May 5
  • Perth – May 6
  • Sydney – May 19
  • Brisbane – May 20

Brush up on your Woodford Reserve knowledge. Woodford Reserve, unlike the majority of American whiskeys, uses old fashioned copper-pot stills State finalists will be contacted between April 29 & 30 to arrange a time for the Woodford Reserve judges to come to your venue for you to formally present your cocktail. Judging will take into account the drink’s name, its ability to be replicated, balance, taste, originality, drink presentation and Woodford Reserve knowledge.

Both the state winners and overall national winner will be determined from these presentations with the winner being announced on May 28.

Please include in the submission:

  • Your name and contact details.
  • The name of the venue where you work.
  • The name of your original Woodford Reserve cocktail.
  • The ingredients with measurements.
  • Method
  • Garnish
  • Glass

If you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact:

Your local Brown-Forman territory manager / brand ambassador or Tamara Kent on 0401 771 888, or email

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