Mixxit Bartenders Hair Wax



Are you tired of your hair do resembling an extra fuzzy tennis ball? Perhaps there’s no ‘coif’ in your coiffure?  Well the marvellous Mixxit team have the remedy for your fluff, frizzes and fur: Presenting Mixxit Bartenders Hair Wax.

Mixxit have been compounding genuine drinks formulas since 2003 and this latest tonic, whilst perhaps not potable, will ensure you’ll get the attention of darling damsels and the respect cavalier gents in your bar. The product has been imported from London and is more subtle than your average wax. It’s ideal for short to mid-length hair with choppy and chunky styles.


So head Mixxt.com.au to find out more and remember you’re really-really good looking.

  1. I swear by Mixxit’s Bartenders Hair Wax, it gives me that ‘I’m-serious-about-stuff-but-still-ready-to-party’ look. And by using it I’m just that little bit closer to Jason Crawley, it’s like he’s here with me guiding my hands to make salty dogs and horses necks

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