Month: April 2010

Vectron’s New Customer Reward Voucher Tool

Vectron’s new point of purchase voucher tool can help you gain and maintain customer loyalty. Bundled into a POS system offered by Vectron, customer reward vouchers can be generated instantly at point of sale.

Mixxit Bartenders Hair Wax

Are you tired of your hair do resembling an extra fuzzy tennis ball? Perhaps there’s no ‘coif’ in your coiffure? Well the marvellous Mixxit team have the remedy for your fluff, frizzes and fur: Presenting Mixxit Bartenders Hair Wax.

The Woodford Reserve Cocktail Derby

Woodford Reserve has announced the launch of an innovative new horse racing program in Australia. The top-shelf bourbon brand is looking for a cocktail to compliment their program in a competition aptly named the Woodford Reserve Cocktail Derby.

Red Bennies

Red Bennies, an exciting new live music and performance venue and cocktail bar opened its doors early February.

Campari Australia Open For Business

Campari Australia are excited to announce their arrival in the Australian liquor scene. Campari’s national trade marketing manager, Liam Murphy, said: “This is a very exciting time for us all at Campari Australia.