William Grant & Sons Going Solo in Australia

The WGS portfolio

Independent family-owned distillers, William Grant & Sons (WGS) Limited announced this week the formation of William Grant & Sons Australia Pty Ltd – a wholly owned subsidiary – to manage its portfolio of brands within the Australian market.

The creation of WGS Australia has come about to enable the company to further increase awareness of its global brand portfolio in the Australian market where Glenfiddich Single Malt is already a category leader. Core WGS’ brands include Glenfiddich, Grant’s, Balvenie and Hendrick’s Gin. Internationally, WGS also have the eccentric Sailor Jerry Spiced Rum brand.

For the last two and a half years WGS have been partnership with Suntory Australia which will continue to supply William Grant & Sons’ products to customers as normal until the end of the year – 31 December 2010.

Stella David, CEO at William Grant & Sons Ltd, commented:


“The formation of WGS Australia is an exciting step for William Grant & Sons Ltd. We would like to thank Suntory Australia for their commitment to our business and their enthusiasm and support over the last three years, cementing a strong position for our brands including Glenfiddich, The Balvenie and Grant’s. We look forward to building on their good work across our brand portfolio.”

Ian Atherton, managing director of Suntory Australia, said he was extremely proud of the success the Suntory team had achieved.

“We were fortunate to work with such exceptional brands and I would like to thank our trade partners and the Suntory team for their dedication, passion and success in taking the Grant’s brand from 4th in the scotch market to 2nd.   We wish WGS Australia the very best for the future.”

  1. Those nice people at Suntory do not have much luck, What with losing Campari, Jose Cuervo and now this, at least they still have…………..Midori and Mozart.

  2. Does that mean Sailor Jerry’s will be available in Aus? Please…

  3. Lee, Sailor Jerry has always been available in Australia. We have had an importer in Adelaide bringing in it for a while now (the old recipe which was much better), as well as Gosling’s and some other gems. You guys just needed to look West a little 😉

  4. Odd Whisky Coy in Radalaide Lee. Lovely bloke Graham will sort you out. I do have a suspicion he’ll be out though.

  5. sorry Lee, forgot to put Grahams details. Didn’t mean to tease 🙂 Jas is right he is out at the moment but expecting some late in the year.

  6. Thanks guys… I managed to get some of the Gosling’s from Graham back in March but missed out on the Gosling’s… Can’t wait!!!

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