Sparkling New Additions to the Martini Family

The new additions to the Martini family

Martini, labelled by Bacardi as “the world’s most beautiful drink” is an iconic global brand that has long been synonymous with glamour, style and sophistication. This autumn, Martini has extended its signature range with the addition of three new sparkling wine variants and an exciting new vermouth. The overall range has also been modernised in striking new packaging to capture the eye of the increasingly style conscious consumer.

Martini was founded in 1863 in Pessione, Italy and has a rich family heritage and award winning taste that has seen its popularity spread around the globe. Today, with 66 people around the world enjoying a Martini every second it is no surprise it is one of the world’s leading drinks brands.

According to Martini senior brand manager, Demetrius Giouzelis, the range extensions and packaging update are part of broader plans to educate the Australian market about the quality, heritage and versatility of the Martini Trademark.

“Martini has a long tradition of excellence and is recognised outside of Australia as one of the world’s truly iconic brands. We’re delighted to build on this within Australia and increase the relevance of the brand by launching these fantastic new products in addition to updating the look of the existing vermouth and sparkling range.”


The Martini sparkling wine range includes the new Martini Prosecco, Martini Rosé and Martini Brut alongside the classic Martini Asti which is still made to a recipe relatively unchanged since its creation in the 19th Century.

Martini Rosato is an all new addition to the existing Martini range of Bianco and Rosso vermouths. Martini Rosato is inspired by the popularity of Rosé wine and blends deep notes of cloves, cinnamon and nutmeg with the lighter aromatics of raspberry and lemon. Bright pink with an intense perfume it is supremely well balanced with a characteristic bitter, spicy flavour. Best served ice cold the Martini Rosato is equally at home in a tall glass blended over ice with simple mixers such as cranberry juice or pomegranate – known as the ‘Martini Melograno’.

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