Holy Dollar Success at 2010 IWSC

Holey Dollar Rum

Following on from  successes at the 2009  International Wine and Spirits Competition Stuart Gilbert, Master Distiller for Holey Dollar Rum has once again stormed the winner’s podium in 2010.

All three of the Holey Dollar rums were awarded ‘Best in Class’ at the blind tasting event showing once again just how far Australia has come from the days of the rum rebellion and our first trading currency.

Gilbert’s focus is on quality and not quantity.

“The Holy Dollar rums are serious, individual, hand-crafted rums made in pot-stills with extra ageing in oak barrels” he explains, “We’re never going to be huge but we want to give consumers a better class of rum – affordable for the everyday person in Australia”.


The focus on small production, and quality production methods is truly paying dividends with  Holey Dollar distillery being  shortlisted for the “Worldwide Distiller of the Year Award” – an accolade they won last year.

The results are due to be announced on 17 November, 2010 – so keep watching 4bars.com.au for what we hope will be some great news!

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