Perth Small Bar Owner Takes Aim at Local Competition

Luxe's outdoor bar and ampitheatre bamBOO which comes under fire from Beadle, a Western Australian based news source, has printed the comments of 399 co-owner Gary Beadle under the slightly sensational heading “Small bar guru slams Perth pubs”.

Beadle, described by the site as a trailblazer of Perth’s small bar scene, has slammed some of Perth’s hippest nightspots and damned others with faint praise in his license application for new venue The Duyfken at 560 Beaufort Street, Mount Lawley, Perth.

Targets of Mr Beadle’s criticism include well known establishments such as Luxe Bar and The Brisbane Hotel – regular finalists and awards recipients at the Australian Bar Awards.

Beadle was particularity scathing of  Luxe Bar of which he was a stakeholder until 2007.


“A late night nightclub sailing under a special facility license, Luxe in its day was the venue that turned the corner in the standard of hospitality to be expected,” he starts. ”But sadly since Geoff Hayward and partners have moved on it has started to get left a long way behind.”

“Opening late, charging an entry fee, and concentrating on big weekends, this venue is sadly nowadays nothing other than an early closing nightclub,” he concludes.

In his application Beadle also makes veiled criticisms of The Brisbane: “An amazing venue run by an amazing team of hospitality staff but sadly as it is such a big venue in the old style beer barn, the sheer volume of customers that have to be let in for this venue to exist financially does not always lead to a pleasant going out experience.”

According to the Brisbane Hotel General Manager, Mark Patterson, said the criticism was “water off a duck’s back”.

“I think he’s trying to make a point about how he’s offering a different service,” Mr Patterson said.

What are your thoughts? Are Beadle’s comments out of line or does anything go in the bar business?

  1. Oh Dear

    This is all so sad, I honestly had no idea anybody cared or worried about my personal opinions, I had even less idea that anybody read or cared what I write in a public interest assessment which is required to show a point of difference as part of the application for liquor licensing. It is sad that the one whatsit guy has chosen to launch his paper with such a one eyed biased story and tried to stir up something to get coverage for his paper, I thought the idea of journalism was to report the facts not show a biased opinion to sell papers, how naive of me.

    I certainly meant no offence to anyone but I do feel I am allowed to have my personal opinions I am saddened they have been interpreted in this way, I have spoken to the guys at the Brisbane and they have seen the full public interest application and totally understand the process.

    Personally I think and this is my opinion and I guess you can twist that anyway you like, I think it is not important what I think, but the one whatsit dude has stirred stuff up for his own self gratification and if anyone reading his story is unintelligent enough to take it seriously more fall them. I know for a fact the guys at the Brisbane did not.

    This is all very sad, I honestly had no idea anybody was interested in what I think

  2. Perhaps, but you can’t deny you said those things. To me, you have directly offended the current management of Luxe. Also, saying that its “nothing other than an early closing nightclub” would not help its cause in potential licensing restrictions that may arise in the future. In my opinion I agree with Marks sentiments; you are slamming two of the most successful venues in Perth because you are ‘introducing something new’ and to have your license application accepted. I can understand how paramount it is for you to have the license accepted, however, I think you could have used a little more finesse and a less offensive approach.

    After all, Perth’s a small place, people in this industry, particularly the niche scene, should be looking after one another. Not offending them to get a foot up or to earn a little more money. I am very familiar with the process of journalism and how they can misconstrue and include quotes out of context, but regardless, what was said was said in black and white. Perhaps consider the indirect repercussions next time.

    On a positive note though, I agree with your description of The Queens Hotel, but feel as though some respect towards The Flying Scotsman was needed. It’s an icon of Mt Lawley with a unique and alternative clientele which has its function.

    Again, this is only my opinion. And I agree with one thing you have said; this is all very sad.

  3. Oh please. If you are a business owner take some responsibility for your opinions – public or private. Speaking to a journalist is speaking to the general public whether you like it or not. In any industry, this kind of negative slander will eventually, and most certainly, come back to bite you in the big business behind.

  4. Oh I agree with you whoever you are ? strange to have opinions but not use your name?

    Anyhow I do agree with you I think If I had known that anybody was interested in reading what I wrote I would not of said what I honestly thought.

    It is correct what you have said we should look out for the other venues. and I agree it is what I think I’m not denying that I do think these things I just had no idea that it was important what I thought, If I had I would of kept my opinions to myself.

    I do not see how my opinion could influence Luxe’s licensing the place has been running for years Michelle and Andy have a relationship built over many years with RGL & Vincent council, and I would say that Michelle and Andy are much more Perth hospitality icons than I could ever want to be and their opinion would be far more important than mine.

    As to the Brisbane I have said if you read the whole thing that it is an amazing venue run by an amazing hospitality team, I do believe the best at what they do in the country, yes I have gone on to say due to the large nature of the veune they do not always attract the best crowd which is also true but then name me a venue in Perth that doesn’t sometimes attract a feral crowd

    I certainly can not say my venue is that great all the time it is the nature of the industry and life itself, if we do not have bad nights how do we recognise the good ones when they come along?

    None of this was important until the hack that was trying to launch his online paper blew it into something it isn’t to draw attention to his paper, I have chatted with more respected journalist on the matter and they all think the way it has been written is all very unprofessional.

    Anyhow as I have said I agree with you, I should not have said what I did, even though it is my opinion and I stand by my right to my opinion, however as I have said this whole situation in my opinion has been caused by a hack looking to promote his paper.

    It is all very sad indeed I honestly had no idea people were interested in my opinions.

  5. I really dont understand how you can back track so much Mr Beadle from your comments. Sadly you attack two of the most customer oriented and responsible venues on this side of town. I have always had great times and been looked after at both Luxe and especially the Brisbane. To be a bar owner and put your comments out there and then sit in the corner with your thumb in your mouth saying you didn’t think so many people were interested in your comments is just plain thoughtless.

    It is important what you think if you are putting yourself out there and making comments of other venues in the public arena. Especially if you are to be an owner of a venue. Perhaps its time to take some responsibility for your words.

  6. I don’t think these comments are damaging to any real effect, Im sure the fine track record of Luxe will more than make up for any comments of old Gazza Beadle when it comes to licensing restrictions. Garry’s biggest mistake was not realising the weight of his opinions on other peoples ego’s.

    The only way licenses are going to relax in Perth if we educate the mass culture to a higher standard of drinking, its gonna take a bit of work, but we will get there. The faster we get more classy venues opened the better, by any means we can!

  7. Just to set the record straight i am not back tracking and I stand by what I said. It is still my opinion, that has not changed. I have not backed away from that I just think you should read the whole PIA not part of it.

    I had no idea a liquor app. for a small bar attracted so many readers or does it? Would anyone have read it if not for the story?

    Oh well, seeing as it is so interesting what i think here it is; the PIA is part of the liquor app required to show a point of difference this is what i thought i was doing.

    As to the microbrewery in Northbridge I think it’s great and any new venues whether good or bad are all great as i believe diversity is the way forward.

    Presumably the reason nobody apart from ‘benny’ uses their real name in this forum is because they have a vested interest in one of the venues. I mean you have only defended two of the venues on the PIA and I certainly said less flattering things of other venues.

    If you really want my opinion, which you seem too, it seems very cheap to have a go at me under a pseudonym.

  8. To Garrys credit hes stood behind what he has said and expressed his mere opinion. I’m pretty sure we are in the business of hospitality and one of the first things we learn as rookies is to not take offense to peoples opinions in the bar. If this is how you react to expressing a point of view then perhaps you have justified Garry’s initial comments about your venues.

    More so, using a nom de plume in this situation is not cool. Learn a lesson from a true bartender. If you are prepared to make big comments you should be prepared to stand behind them.

  9. I see Mr Beadle as simply expressing arguements for a different type of bar, set away from the night club scene to a more friendly customer orientated service. As any bar owner would do, is argue the points for his business which were necessary in his application for a liquor license.

  10. The opinions written regardless true or not are still opinions. If all the mentioned venues are still trading and operating then they must be doing something right…new venues should be built for the patrons, not just to please industry people and bar personalities.

    Build a venue for people to enjoy going to – not a place for industry people where they will visit and critique everything you’ll have done wrong.
    If you like Luxe bar, go there. Like the Brisbane better? Then go there! people will still be going to these venue regardless..

  11. It’s really unfortunate that comments on the likes of luxe bar and the brisbane hotel seemed so personal. Comments on other venues were quite respectful. Everybody is entitled to an opinion, its just unfortunate that comments on the above bars are full of such negative innuendo. What one must always appreciate is that small busniess in WA for those involved is their livelihood. It’s a shame that personal differences get the better of us. Perhaps getting the fundamentals right in your own bar before having a go at others would be a good start. Bar 399 has a lot to be desired. I dont go to Luxe either so I come from a fairly neutral perspective. This type of thing is highschool and shows a real immaturity from all involved.

  12. Lets look at the facts here….Gary Beadle’s comments are simply his opinion…..definition of opinion, ‘ belief or judgement held WITHOUT actual proof “…..the facts are that Luxe is a bar that serves the best cocktails in town in probably one of the nicest venues in town. The amount of work that is put into the final product on the Luxe menu is phenomenal! They didn’t receive national and international acclaim for being a nightclub! People of Perth and beyond know for a fact that Luxe is one of the best Bars in Perth.

  13. We do live in a Democratic country. We do have the right to free speech, this is merely one person having their say. If another chooses to use it to their own end…then so be it. Any of us who know these proprietors know that they are all equally fabulous at what they do, why is it so necessary to continue down the ‘garden path’? As has been stated, these comments were made for a PIA and if you have never experienced this process then really…you don’t know the extent of what and why any of this has come about!

  14. Wow, hasn’t this publicity stunt just backfired…

    As a publicist I never cease to be amazed at how often publicity mismanaged by small business owners. I would suggest this business owner fell into the trap of thinking they could cut corners by not paying for someone to manage their media relations. Stupid. Why?
    Publicity Rule Nr 1 – never trust a journo.
    Publicity Rule Nr 2 – “war sells more papers” – NEVER forget that.
    Publicity Rule Nr 3 – a good business owner will know their own bloated, self important egos need management.
    Publicity Rule Nr 4 – NEVER tell a journalist HOW to write an article.

    Beadle appears to have fallen for all of the above.

    If you do have a publicist, fire them. They’ve not done you, or more importantly, Mt Lawley any favours. People will come across this article and go sheeesh, Mt Lawley must be full of (insert insult here) such as Beadle. It’s uncool. You’re uncool for bringing this type of uncool to the area. It’s amateurish at best.

    Publicity101 and Web 2.0 – social media and online media can stick like a dirty stain to your business and the area where your venue is located. You can scrub it off all you like, and make it fade, but it always remains. No one will be doing you any favours any time soon.

    Get a good publicist and FIX this for not only yourself, but also all the other hard working owners of bars, restaurants and clubs in the area.

    Needless to say, your personal digs have made it into the public domain and they appear to have hurt people. More importantly, they have hurt your business. My advice is to keep your mouth shut. Let someone else do your talking for you. You’re running a cheap publicity campaign, which is totally cool if you want the key business message for your venue to be “cheap, nasty with a twist of bitter”

  15. Whoa Whoa!! I was hoping to leave this forum alone and then you just had to go and say though your silly words in.
    I’m sorry but this sort of ignorance makes my blood boil! you have absolutely no idea! no idea what so ever on what we have to go through in Western Australia.
    For you to sit there and call this a publicity stunt, get off you crack line and back into reality! none off you realize how hard it is to open a venue in Perth! You sit back there on your high horses throwing your comments around under fake names, none of you East coaster go through anywhere near thee amount of Red tape buracratic bullshit that we go through. When was the last time you had to go though 2-3 years of court battles and pay $200,000 just to get a liqour licence even considered? well i tell you what, welcome to Perth, this sort of thing happens all the time. How dare you throw around your comments to a hard working people just trying to get something new started, its a bloody battle field over here so just ease off a little, Garry did what had to be done. The people he offended, that’s between him and them and I’m sure they are sorting it out between him and them.

    Too ‘Publicity stunt 101’

    Why you are stupid Nr 1. When you have the substance you don’t need stunts, stunts are for amateurs who can’t back what their venue is trying to portray. If you actually work for bars that do this, you work for amateurs. You have a cool job bro. Thumbs up.

    Why you are stupid Nr 2. When you are fighting for dear life for a liquor license, that if is not approved could ruin you. Why would you risk a publicity stunt that could fail your application? …. that is a amateur move, as we found out, Garry’s not an amateur ( because you you don’t obviously work for him). You could say “hes just Stupid and doesn’t know any better” well firstly no, that person is actually you and secondly you don’t manage the top bars in the state for ten years by being dumb. You could say “Well maybe he likes risks and is a gambler hoping that if all goes well hes got all this PR ready for when his venue opens”, well if that was the case he would of hit up a bigger market, don’t you think? your the PR guy, you should be the first to know this. We can all agree here in saying that would be an insanely massive gamble. You would want to be hitting up TV or a mainstream newspaper, bigger returns! same risk! lovely! Not some silly little story in a really really bad website (Perth-One, not 4bars, you guys rock) that no one reads with a reporter that no ones ever heard of before.

    Why you are Stupid Nr 3. you can’t do a publicity stunt for a place that doesn’t exist yet, you may debate this but think about this, stunts are done so people come to your bar, you make more money. There’s no bar………… no bar dude. My god you are foolish i feel sorry for your mother.
    So guys the pro marketeer ^^^ i’ve been a little hard on him so be nice to him, you should hit him up to promote your bars, he knows his stuff!

    Please, no more comments on this matter guys, whats been said has been said. Its time to move on and focus on the future of our industry.

    P.S. Dave, Amy, Simon. please don’t edit this, it needs to be seen. Thank you.

  16. touche… they are some crap comments PublicityStunt101. In conclusion, as illuded to in my first post, theres not enough respect and consideration shown for others. I wish Gary goodluck with his future ventures, and if they’re anything like the others, they will be inspiring.

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