Golden Rum Barrel Awards

The inaugural Golden Rum Barrel Awards pulled together rum aficionados from all corners of the globe to vote for the bests rums of 2010. After an exhaustive two days of blind tastings the winners for each category announced on October 16 at the Awards dinner held at the Kensignton Hilton Hotel, London.

  • Best white rum: Banks 5 Island
  • Best solera rum: Ron Atlantico
  • Best dark, black or navy-styled rum: Pusser’s 15 Year Old
  • Best cachaça: Beija Flor Reserva Especial
  • Best South American rum: Diplomático Reserva Exclusiva
  • Best Australasian rum: Holey Dollar Rum Cask Strength
  • Best Caribbean rum: Mount Gay 1703
  • Best new rum brand: Zafra Master Reserve 21 from Panama

Some 23 rum categories were awarded with the full list of winners available here:

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