Stylish Plastic ‘Glassware’

This product was featured in the October issue of Bartender Magazine

With new laws restricting bars to the use of plastic glassware only at certain times the challenge now for manufacturers is to produce a quality plastic product worthy of high quality cocktails.

J.A.B design Australia, now available through Tomkin Australia, is famous for their superior Polycarbonate alternative to glass drink ware. This Polycarbonate drink ware is visually superior with a traditional crystal glassware likeness, virtually unbreakable and suitable for both domestic and commercial use. Manufactured from high grade Polycarbonate, the drink ware is shatterproof, dishwasher safe within the top rack and stain and odour resistant. The full range is FDA approved.

“In light of these new laws it is imperative bars are provided the best possible vessel in which to serve expensive drinks,” said Tomkin Australia representative Julie Vajda.

“Whilst exhibiting this product at various trade show visitors to our stand have found it difficult to spot the difference between the Polycarbonate drink ware and crystal glassware that were shown next to each other.”


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