Appleton tiki Mug

This Drinks News item was featured in Bartender Magazine’s November issue.

October 2010 saw the highly anticipated new Appleton Estate Rum Tiki campaign take off. Although long associated with tiki, this is the third year that Appleton Estate has designed their own, customised Tiki mug for bartenders. The Appleton Tiki mug has received an almost cult following and can be seen to grace many of the top bars and bartender’s homes around Australia. This year’s design of the ‘Appleton Rum God’ is set to again live up to all tiki expectations.

Designed and manufactured by Tiki Farm’s Holden Westland and Appleton Estate, “the mug far surpasses previous designs,” Holden’s explained. At time of deadline only a model was available for release. To be among the first in Australia to secure your bar’s order of the mugs for this year’s Tiki season, email your bar’s name and address to the Appleton estate website and let us know what you’ll be doing to celebrate Tiki this year by visiting

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  1. Hi , Well, at Tiki Lounge & Bar; Bar Swan Street Richmond we are one of maybe two bars in Australia that celebrate Tiki all year round. It doesn’t get better or more Tikified than at this fabulous venue.

    The decor is strictly Tiki complete with smoking water feature and Easter Island statues. The drinks are all based on original recipes and served in the first Tiki mugs to be used in a venue in Australia. Everyone is welcome to come up and experience the delicious cocktails and special atmosphere of this great bar.

    Many if not most of the great cocktails are made using Appleton rum, so you need to come and visit us.


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