Month: December 2010

Magic New LED System

If you were lucky enough to be at the pre-award drinks for this year’s Australian Bar Awards then you would probably have noticed the fantastic LED lighting systems that were glowing luminously throughout the foyer.

Gin Cocktails

A selection of tempting gin cocktails from December’s Bartender magazine.

Mount Gay ‘Eclipse Silver’ Rum

Perfectly timed for summer release and assured to stay out of the shadows is Mt Gay’s Eclipse Silver. Fresh on the Australian scene this gentle and mellow white rum reveals subtle notes of cane sugar and banana on the nose and has an overall, harmonious complexity.

Bacco Wine Bar Pasticceria

Housed within the auspiciously arched Romanesque walls of the historic QVB building is the second Italian offering from the team at Bacco. With the success and reputation of the original Chifley Plaza site comes their secondi, and brings with it a good little offering of cocktails, wine and food.

The 10 Most Influential Aussie Bars

People always ask me what are the best bars in the country and to be honest I find it one of the hardest questions to answer. A good bar, or a bar that you want to go to is mostly about personal taste and what might rock my boat could be completely distasteful to someone else.

Worst Bar Toilet….???

Recently in the UK a few bartenders (Jake Burger and Tim Stones) staged their own…

Carafe Conundrums Solved

Nuance has listened to your carafe conundrums and has come up with an answer. Tired of wine carafes that spill their ice out in the first pour and which can’t be put through the dishwasher at the end of a long night with all the other glassware??


The team has some serious experience behind them, sharing the likes of Hemmesphere, Iceburgs and Lotus on their resumes so you can bet they are on the money with this one.

Answers to Bartender Magazine’s December Gin Quiz

Did you test out your gin knowledge in the December issue of Bartender Magazine? If so…here are the answers. So now it’s time to see if you know what you’re talking about. GOOD LUCK!

Drinks with… Eddie Tirado

We’re in the habit these days of looking offshore for inspiration. And why not? There’s a host of bartending legends from America’s Dale DeGroff to England’s Salvatore Calabrese. What we often fail to do, however, is recognise talent in our own backyard. Eddie Tirado was and perhaps still is Australia’s most famous bartender.