Love Tilly Devine

Love Tilly Devine
91 Crown Lane, Darlinghurst

This bar was featured in Openings  Bartender’s December issue

This is the name sake of the infamous British war bride who came to be described as ‘the most notorious women in Sydney,’ and by all accounts Love Tilly Devine is proving to be quite a hit (although this time with out a razor). Owners Matt Swieboda and Tim Webber have some solid industry experience sharing the likes of Quay, Pier, Est. and Sean’s Panaroma and the duo is now putting all their knowledge into their own venture, and reaping reward. Opening in mid October, the team took over the storeroom for the wine cellars opposite the bar. Hidden in a back alley, you’ll have to hunt this one down but trust me it’s worth it just to sit and enjoy some cheese and a glass of Muscadet or a Campari and grapefruit juice. Swieboda and Webber designed the quirky interior with the help of a graphic designer friend and then split the food and drink responsibilities. Swieboda put together the drinks list which has about 300 wines and Webber put together the food menu. “The food is high quality artisan produce from Australia treated simply,” says Swieboda. The whole feel of this petite venture is charming and the staff are; approachable, unruffled and genuine. With an eclectic crowd and a music mix playing from Webber’s record player Love Tilly Devine is going to be a tight squeeze, but well worth it.

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