Ultimate Barman’s Tool

This Product News was featured in Bartender’s December issue.

When Jonathon Worner, Design Director at Alloy, was asked by Coca Cola to design his version of the ultimate in bottle openers he set about investigating the idea with vigor. He saw the bar blade as just one accoutrement in the bartenders ‘tool kit’ and the result of Worner’s journey has delivered a re-imagined, re-engineered tool designed for speed, repeated use and comfort. This new addition to the bar nerd’s ‘gadget’ range is manufactured in Australia. Made from high grade, solid, Grade 304 stainless steel, the design also fits comfortably into the barman’s back pocket and snugly into the hand allowing easy use and storage throughout a shift. The Alloy Bar Tool has been designed from a specially made, dedicated blanking tool created to punch out each individually numbered opener. The design is then passed through a rumbling machine to ensure that any rough or sharp surfaces have been smoothed out.

For further information please contact Alloy on 02 9565 2422

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