Carafe Conundrums Solved

This Product News was featured in Bartender’s December issue.

Nuance has listened to your carafe conundrums and has come up with an answer. Tired of wine carafes that spill their ice out in the first pour and which can’t be put through the dishwasher at the end of a long night with all the other glassware?? Then worry no longer because the design team at Nuance has put their heads together and come up with something special. The new multi-carafe represents a serious shift in how you will look at the formally humble bar item. This carafe features a unique design that allows you to screw off the bottom enabling you to fill it with ice cubes, chopped fruit or what ever else you want to make those summer cocktail jugs more appealing, and the pourer features a design that allows you to keep ice cubes in the carafe and not falling all over the table. If you remove both the top and the bottom attachments, the carafe can easily be fitted into the dishwasher as well. If you’re thinking about using it for wine then you could splash out and attach the wine aerator to help open the wines bouquet as you pour it in, and the non drip spout will ensure you make the glass and not the customers shirt.

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