Gin Cocktails

Photography by Steve Brown

Below is a selection of tempting gin cocktails from December’s Bartender magazine. If you’d like to see you creations in our monthly photo shoot email your recipes to

Lady TipplesLady Tipples

30ml Plymouth Gin

30ml Noilly Prat dry vermouth


10ml Camomile liqueur

Add all ingredients in a Boston glass with cubed ice stir until chilled. Strain into coupette glass. Garnish with lemon zest.

Nico Darras, The Den, Sydney


45ml Gin

45ml Pisco

5ml Sugar syrup

1 dash Maraschino liquer

2 dash Orange bitters

Stir and strain into a cocktail glass. Garnished with a lime slice.

Adapted from El Libro Del Buen Cocktail by Eduardo Eloy Otero (1943) by Nathan Beasley, Black Pearl, Melbourne

Blue LadyBlue Lady

50ml Hendricks

10mls Messanez Liqueur de Camomile

12.5mls Elderflower Cordial

20mls Fresh Lemon Juice

5 Blueberries

Dash of Egg White

Muddle Blueberries, then add rest of ingredients. Dry shake then add ice. Shake/ Double strain into a coupette. Garnish with 3 skewered blueberries.

Quyhn Nyugen, Blue Hotel, Sydney

Sloe Gin RickeySloe Gin Rickey

50ml Plymouth Sloe Gin

Juice of a whole lime

Sugar Syrup to taste

Tonic Water

Build over fresh ice. Top with Tonic. Garnish with Blood Orange Wheels layered throughout the glass.

Thales Papadopoulos, The Palazzo Versace, Gold Coast

Watermelon and Thyme MartiniWatermelon and Thyme Martini

40mls Bombay Sapphire

15mls Watermelon liqueur

12.5mls Green Chartreuse

20mls Fresh lime juice

4 chunks of Watermelon

1 sprig of Thyme

Method – Muddle watermelon chunks. Then add rest of ingredients. Shake/ Double strain. Glassware – Martini or Coupette. Garnish – Sprig of Thyme

Quyhn Nyugen, Blue Hotel, Sydney

San TelmoSan Telmo

20ml Campari

20ml Tanqueray

20ml Peach schnapps

60ml Fresh pink grapefruit juice

20ml Egg white

Add all ingredients into shaker. Hard shake with ice and strain into a highball over ice. Garnish with a grapefruit zest.

Julian Serna, Porteño, Sydney

Did you test out your gin knowledge in the December issue of Bartender Magazine? If so…here are the answers. So now it’s time to see if you know what you’re talking about. GOOD LUCK!

(Q1) What was the result of the Gin Act of 1736?

(Q2) Who is dubiously credited with inventing Gin?

(Q3) What century was the Gin Craze?

(Q4) Which artist etched the famous image ‘Gin Lane’ in 1751?

(Q5) The Black Friars Distillery is otherwise known as what?

(Q6) The 1913 edition Webster’s Dictionary described ‘common gin’ to be often flavoured by what?

(Q7) Where is the National Gin Museum?

(Q8) What are the ingredients in a Gin Ricky?

(Q9) What cocktail has; Gin, Cointreau + lemon juice?

(Q10) What invention in 1832 greatly enabled the distillation of neutral spirits?

Click Here for the answers

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