Worst Bar Toilet….???

Recently in the UK a few bartenders (Jake Burger and Tim Stones) staged their own Alternate Bar Awards. We had such a laugh that we just had to pose these same questions to our 4bars readers!

Have a look at the categories below and if you think you know someone (or a venue) that should be nominated for one or more of these ridiculous awards then shoot an email to: Edward@spantonmedia.com

If anyone bothers to vote then we will name and shame the lucky winners on 4bars!

Have a look below and nominate your best mate, or arch enemy:


Categories for nominations are:

  • Best bar back
  • Worst Toilet
  • Biggest cocktail geek
  • Hottest rep/ brand ambassador
  • Most tolerable foreigner
  • Slowest bartender
  • Worst facial hair

Email: Edward@spantonmedia.com

Check out the UK winners at: http://www.barlifeuk.com/index.php/2010/12/the-2010-alternative-bar-awards-results/

    Please Mr Spanton can we have these awards?
    We promise that we will all take the results in good jest & not get upset if we get nominated or win.

  2. Best bar back – Niranjan Gautum (The Lincoln)

    Worst Toilet – The Old Lux

    Biggest cocktail geek – Dr Phil

    Hottest rep/ brand ambassador – Romica – Brown Forman

    Most tolerable foreigner – Jean Munos (Felix)

    Worst facial hair – Lee Potter Cavanagh

    Awesome Idea Guys -Should be funny to see the results!

  3. Lee’s facial hair aint great Sam I agree, though there are a few prepubescent looking bartenders out there with a bit too much fluff going on, time to give it up guys, I’m 24 and can’t grow a whisker, so why try?!

    There are barbacks and there are barbacks, Niranjan isn’t really a barback, his main job is bartending at Aria, whenever he works at Lincoln the guy single handedly runs the joint during that shift, working as bartender, barback, and everything else, one man show, like Petr from Lotus much of the time

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