Magic New LED System

This Product News was featured in Bartender’s December issue

If you were lucky enough to be at the pre-award drinks for this year’s Australian Bar Awards then you would probably have noticed the fantastic LED lighting systems that were glowing luminously throughout the foyer. This ingenious product is exclusively available through Fabricadabra and by using a new LED lighting system it can turn your standard cocktail bar table into a glowing, illuminating piece of artwork that is sure to be the talk of the room. Used with a white lycra bar cover, these units are powered by D batteries and thus completely cordless – a great advantage if you want to revamp a room in your venue or simply move them around during an evening. These advanced lighting units come in 16 pre-set colours with four colour change modes available and four levels of brightness to choose from all at the touch of a remote control button.

For further information please contact Fabricadabra  03 9388 5444 

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