Kremlin Bar

This bar was featured in Bartender’s December issue.

Northborne Avenue, Canberra
02 6257 7779

Canberra has been slowly growing its niche market of trendy drinks spots and even some of the older comrades are vamping up their look to stay in the limelight. Kremlin Bar originally opened four years ago, but owners John Mostovoy and Sean Murdoch recently undertook a refurbishment and the new design combines aspects of old and new Russia.

“The classic old-world opulent Russia with red velvet curtains, antique furniture, crystal chandeliers, polished wood floors and gold mirrors is there,” says Murdoch, “as well as the modern and vibrant Russia with the leather lounges and bright ottomans.” “The Kremlin Bar is a classic cocktail and vodka lounge with a unique Russian style,” Murdoch informs us and the team specializes in Vodka (funnily enough) with over 50 varieties.

“The cocktail list is concise, and predominantly features vodka based drinks ranging from the classics to signature creations,” Murdoch states. Lucy Battaglene and Jocelyn Condon are the Bar Managers steering the communist era themed bar replete with Russian fare; caviar, blini and piroshki.

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