Bols Brings Back Genever

This product was featured in Bartender’s December issue

Bols Genever is a product for those bar professionals who are looking to step back in time and enjoy vintage classic cocktails. In 2009 Bols Genever picked up Best New Product Award at New Orleans’ Tales of the Cocktail and it is described as an ‘Oude’ style Genever, based on Lucas Bols original 1820’s recipe. Oude styles must contain a minimum of 15% malt-wine and Bols Genever’s malt-wine is triple distilled using copper pots stills. Following this it undergoes several weeks of maturation before being blending into the final product. The range of botanicals used in Bols Genever include; juniper, angelica, ginger, orris, coriander, liquorice and hops. Genever is a blend of two spirits, malt-wine and neutral grain spirit and the flavour profile for this exclusive product is driven by aromas of sweet malted grains, sweet cherry and juniper with grassy notes and a lovely lingering finish.

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