Initiative for Melbourne Bar Owners

This article was featured in the January issue of Bartender Magazine

Melbourne is characterized by its small bar scene and thriving nightlife culture, so now the City of Melbourne is taking steps to equip new hospitality businesses with the right tools to begin trading and continue to survive in the competitive CBD market. Launched in late November, the Hospitality Tool-Kit provides support to those who are new to the trade of running their own small hospitality business. Future Melbourne Committee Chair Councillor Carl Jetter said that it is important to support small businesses starting out in the city. “Starting a new business – especially one in the hospitality industry – can be daunting. It’s critical the right support is available to new businesses,” Jetter stated. The initiative was launched after statistics revealed that only 35 per cent of businesses generating less than $50, 000 survived after three years, and that only 45 per cent of businesses generating between $50,000 and $200, 000 survived after three years. The Hospitality Tool-Kit is available to any business owners within the City of Melbourne municipality

For further information about the Melbourne Hospitality Took-Kit contact: 03 9658 9658

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