Upsynth’s New Vodka Addition

This new product was featured in the January issue of Bartender magazine

Originating in Eastern Europe, Monopolowa is a distinctive potato vodka. It is produced using a traditional formula by the Baczewski/ Gessler family, who were purveyors to the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy in its day. In the late 1700s, the highest quality vodkas and liqueurs were associated with those produced by the J.A. Baczewski family distillery of Lwow, Poland. Their vodka’s were distilled in a controlled fashion, from tried and true recipes and the family bought only the highest quality ingredients and used exclusively pure, delicious, deep artesian well water. Today, Monopolowa vodka is still produced by J.A. Baczewski according to the traditional recipe. The deep flavour and complex character are attributed to the ‘back-to-basics’ traditions that have remained true for so long. A smooth vodka with an almost cream like texture, the base potato ingredient makes for a wonderfully rich and powerful style.

For further information please contact Upsynth on 02 8231 6638

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