Standout lighting designs

Yellow Goat Design specializes in unique and quirky lighting designs, and there could be something in their range to suit your Private Dining Room or VIP lounge area. While trying to set a ‘mood’ with your lighting, you could also set a trend for having the best lighting around town. From the ‘Droplet’ range, each one of these single drop pendants is built up of individual opal acrylic donuts layered one on top of the other. With the CFL light-source just peeking out of the bottom they are a very cool idea and designer Conrad Johnsson has done exceptionally well to achieve such an aesthetically pleasing piece.

Alternatively, the ‘Floppy’ design has layers of precisely cut acrylic ovals stacked in a mathematical sequence dictated by computer, giving this gorgeous piece a hard won soft randomness. According to the Yellow Goat team the seamless ‘randomness’ was not hard to achieve – “We just threw them together!” Creating a perfectly balanced visual spectacle that would suit an intimate lounge area providing it with soft lighting and a trendy feel.

For further information please contact Yellow Goat Design on 07 5532 8659

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