Month: February 2011

The Cut Bar and Grill

This might be just the place to have a boys night in however there is enough finesse and class at the Cut Bar & Grill that it would be a great place to entertain a lady as well.

Stronger Glassware Available

Luigi Bormioli’s range of stronger, more resistant ‘Eden’ glassware has been released recently by Crown Commercial and is sure to live up to the rigors of daily bar ware and tear.

The Bar With No Vodka: Are we too cool for the great white spirit?

I feel sorry for the vodka companies. In the last few years there has been a serious backlash against what was until recently the world’s most distilled spirit (apparently that kudos now goes to Korean shochu). Whatever. It’s besides the point I’m trying to make. The return of the classic cocktail over the last decade has been the catalyst for this anti-vodka movement; at least in the highest temples of mixology.

Iconic Spirits Takes On New Vodka

Aivy Vodkas are characterised by their unique triple-flavoured profiles and this exclusive flavoured vodka concept has enjoyed great success in Sweden.

The Widow Clicquot

As wine experts in Europe taste bottles of Veuve Clicquot that are almost 200 years old it is fitting to review a book that pays homage to one of the greatest surviving Champagne Houses; The House of Clicquot. Tilar Mazzeo has made it her life’s ambition to unearth the history, secrets and developments of this iconic brand, managing to create a wonderfully enriching history that outlines the rise of a ‘powerhouse femme’ throughout years of turmoil and uncertainty.

Pony, Neutral Bay

With the reigns griped low and the stirrups high, the team at Pony Dining has raced across the bridge in de groot fashion and opened their new venue in style.

Forbo Flotex Floor Covers

Forbo Flooring Systems has a product that is ‘ideal for hospitality venues’. A hard-wearing, easy clean vinyl based product, Forbo Flotex, is a textured surface that looks and feels like carpet but without the certain drawbacks that come with having the real thing.

Bar Felix

Bar Felix 320-330 George Street Sydney This new bar was featured in the January…

Upsynth’s New Vodka Addition

Originating in Eastern Europe, Monopolowa is a distinctive potato vodka. It is produced using a traditional formula by the Baczewski/ Gessler family, who were purveyors to the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy in its day.