Time to Vino

Time to Vino
2-14 Kings Cross Road
Potts Point, Sydney

This new bar was featured in January’s issue of Bartender magazine.

The well heeled Sydney wine venue, Time to Vino, has moved itself a little bit closer to the action and co-owner Clint Hillary says of the new lease on life; “we have certainly grown up and are looking forward to bring a real ‘adult bar’ to Sydney’s wine scene”.  Hillary also says that; “much of our feel, atmosphere and relaxed approach to service will remain even though the setting has step up a notch”. With earthy, toned marble floors, a massive (almost 5 meter long) slate and marble bar centre piece and heaps of bone coloured leather banquette seating gives them the options for bookings while leaving a more casual area available fro drinks and nibbles.

“The center bar will be available as our ‘wine table’, not to dissimilar to a chef’s table just more wine of course,” Hillary informed us, “and the food and wine is a similar story (to the old venue), the same concepts and ideas are there, just developed and stretched a little bit more.” So what is the new move bringing to Time to Vino? “The wine list will definitely expand and get even more creative and unusual, this venue will certainly allow me to create more of my ideal list,” Hillary says. Make sure you check out the new site.

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