Papa Goose Restaurant and Bar (the Lose Goose)
91 Flinders Lane


How long have you been bartending?

10 Years


Where have you previously worked?

Pasha in Auckland. Gingerboy, Hairy Canary and Oyster since my time in Melbourne.

What satisfaction do you get from the job?

Any busy night I can walk away from knowing it went smoothly, when both staff and patrons are happy. Seeing some of my cocktails still being made at other venues is always nice as well.


What’s been your favourite venue to work at?

JDV in Christchurch for sparking my interest beyond a job, Pasha for the crew and Hairy Canary for sheer enjoyment.

What’s your favourite bar gadget?

Neale White (chef and owner of Papa Goose) has been extolling the virtues of a thermo mixer to me, however I’d be fairly lost without my bottle opener.

What’s your favourite movie?

Big Trouble in Little China

What’s your favourite song?

King for a Day – Faith no More…’never cheer before you know who’s winning’ nice work Mr Patton


What’s your favourite drink?

You can’t beat a well made Classic Daiquiri. Matusalem Platino, Fresh Lime, Sugar. The simple things are often the best.

What is your favourite product to play around with at the moment?

Amaro Montenegro, Averna are great fun, turning them into tasty combinations to compliment the dining experience downstairs at Papa Goose. I also love using bitters, the range now available is exceptional.

What products do you think will be hot this year?

Cachaca. I had no idea there were so many producers and the scope of quality out there, it’s my hope to get my greedy little hands on some of the good stuff. 100 million Brazilians’ can’t be wrong.

What do you drink to…

Quench your thirst?

A Dark ‘n’ Stormy usually hits the spot

Impress a lady?

I would order us both a Cosmo and regale her with conversation on who my favourite Sex and the City character was.

Unwind after a long shift?

Tequila shot. Beer chaser

Can you tell us one of your favourite bars to visit?

Cabinet Bar, it’s a small bar in the city with great atmosphere. Staff are friendly, plus there is a great balcony ideal for a Sunday session.


Can you juggle, dance or have any musical talents?

Mum says I sing like an angle….

What book are you reading?

When Giants Walked The Earth – The Led Zepplin Story.

Who’s your hero?

Wolverine, but not that Hugh Jackman version. Lame

If you weren’t a bartender what would you have done?

I probably would’ve invented Facebook, but who wants to be stuck in front of the computer?

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