Bar @ 10 William St, Paddinton

This new bar was featured in the February edition of Bartender magazine.

10 William St

Paddington, Sydney

Can a bar with no name have an identity? Well, the venue at this address certainly does and it is a sensational place to come and enjoy the relaxed atmosphere, friendly service and good food and wine served by some of the welcoming staff, Giovanni, David and Zea.

This is the latest offering from the Fratelli Paradiso group and while they are not really trying to ‘be’ something, they certainly are doing whatever it is they are doing very well. Tucked away just off Oxford St, you could be forgiven for walking straight past it. Even when you sit on the balcony with an antipasto plate in hand the crowds below look at you as though you’re simply sitting on your own balcony at home – what a treat!

The wine list is a real gem, from North to South and beyond. They’ll often have something special on offer too, something they just opened in case you happened to pop by – like a double magnum of Chianti Riserva from a vintage long past that started out earthy, musty but with a rich underlay of fruit and then came to life with solid structure, lovely fine tannins and great balance.


This place is a hit but expect it to be a tight squeeze.

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